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Grease, dirt, dust, and other materials are common to find in the rafters and ceilings of many manufacturing and production facilities. These materials are a concern because they could pose a fire hazard, lead to debris falling to the surface below creating quality control problems, or damage expensive machinery.

Tradebe specializes in cleaning projects for commercial and industrial facilities; and our technicians are OSHA trained and experienced working on elevated structures and aerial lifts.

When materials are considered combustible, keeping your facility clean is paramount in keeping your workplace safe and avoiding costly regulatory fines.  

The Tradebe team has the expertise needed to safely and efficiently collect and remove combustible dust, and have worked with a variety of combustible dust materials including sawdust, plastic, rubber, coal, sugars and grains, paper, textiles metals and other combustible elements in manufacturing facilities across the southeast.   At Tradebe, we only use equipment approved for combustible dust cleaning including grounded, explosion proof equipment to provide a safe, spark-free operation.

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